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 We are not city dwellers. We are somewhere between the suburbs and rural living. What would you call that? The ruburbs?

Anyway, we are close enough to make a run to Target but far enough out, to have a menagerie of animals and not be a nuisance to others, and in that collection we have a couple of dozen chickens. Chickens are great, they come when you call…totally entertaining to watch, they would never consider coming in the house and you don’t feel guilty for leaving them out. Another bonus is they give back , my youngest has his own little egg business.

On the downside, being a chicken at our place, is like being a wildebeest on the savanna. Everything wants to eat them and there really isn’t a thing to be done do about it. I mean its tough, but I suppose that’s how it is when you are low on the food chain.

So what does the Holy Spirit have to do with chickens? Well, here is the lowdown. A few nights ago my oldest son came in visibly excited and exclaimed “God is so Cool!” Of course, what mother wouldn’t want to here that come out of a 13 year old, but pressing for more information on God’s goodness I said “Do tell me more.”

He went on to say he had been in the house and suddenly had a strong impression to go outside.  As soon as he walked out the door he saw our neighbors dog had escaped its yard and was about to partake in a free chicken dinner!  My son said that he immediately raised his hand (the dog was over 25 feet away, he never touched it) and said “Go back to where you came from in the name of Jesus!”  Now here is the cool part, the dog stopped dead in its tracks, yelped a terrified yelp, spun around and ran all the way home. Chickens saved!

The best part of the story is, a boy recognized the leading of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus name has authority in the situation and God gets the glory for the outcome.

I take God’s command of training our children seriously.  That’s how I became involved with Kids In Ministry International. We have the teaching, equipping and tools you need to train your children. I would recommend the Hearing God’s Voice curriculum if you want to train your children how to hear the voice of God and be led by Holy Spirit. God is always speaking but unless we take the time to train our kids to tune in, they are going to miss that leading. This time it was some chickens saved…I wonder what it will be tomorrow.