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Anyone that has spent any amount of time around young children knows, they ask questions, lots and lots of questions. Questions from sun up to sun down! Sometimes the same question over and over and then there is the question that makes you think “God did you just set me up?”
Case in point…I am a vegetarian, have been for over 20 years, all my kids are well aware of this and the reasons why. Ironically, they are the biggest carnivores around. My four year old asked me “Mom why don’t you eat meat?” I calmly proceeded to explain to her for the half dozen time. I don’t eat meat because I use to have very bad stomach problems. I went to doctors but they couldn’t help. I tried everything I knew and then a friend convinced me I should give up meat, I did and my stomach improved. I haven’t eaten any since. ..Case closed.

My daughter with a very puzzled look on her face says to me “Wow! Why didn’t you ask God to heal you, so you could enjoy what He made?” That question stabbed me in the heart but it was a good stab. (Do you know what I mean?) I had never once prayed for God to heal me. There was a problem and I had found a solution. Even over the passage of years as my relationship with God has grown, I never thought to pray for healing in this area. I had it taken care of myself. How many other areas in our lives have we found our own solutions, which we didn’t think to ask God “Help! I need your healing.” I don’t want to miss out on any of the good things He has. Do you?