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statsonpornIt’s back to school time. Our kids are faced with a relentless assault on their souls. We have to be on the offensive when it comes to attacks; if you are just playing defense you’re never going to gain any ground. We take ground by empowering our children with knowledge. They have to be alert to the schemes of the enemy.
One of the issues even the youngest of schoolchildren face today is pornography. The eyes are the gateway to our souls and the enemy has declared war on our kids. You as a parent need to talk with your children about this issue.  Please prepare them.  They need to hear from you what to do when they encounter it, that they can come to you and talk about it.
I remember one cool fall morning many years ago, I was in second grade, waiting at the bus stop with my friends. Suddenly some random papers carried on the breeze floated down the street. One of the older boys jumped off the curb and grabbed them. His eyes grew as large as saucers and eagerly shared his find with the rest of us, perfectly intact pages from a Playboy magazine. I couldn’t believe what I had seen. I knew it wasn’t right. It made me feel very sad and ashamed. Thankfully I had a Mother that eventually would find out anything that ever happened at school or in the neighborhood! A few days later we sat down had a talk and prayed. My heart was freed from what the enemy had tried to plant.  

This is not a new thing, before cell phones and the internet the enemy sent pornographic pages blowing by a bus stop. Satans plan is to steal, kill, and destroy and no child is off limits. It is time we become wise to his schemes and prepare our children for the battle ahead.  It is our job to equip the littlest of saints for battle.  Victory over the enemy is ours!


5 Back to School Tips for Porn-Immune Kids