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Back to School

It’s back to school time. Our kids are faced with a relentless assault on their souls. We have to be on the offensive when it comes to attacks; if you are just playing defense you’re never going to gain any ground. We take ground by empowering our children with knowledge. They have to be […]

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Impress Your Children

We traveled to a beautiful beach last month.  The first trip for my youngest, to say they were taken aback would be an understatement.  When the biggest body of water you have seen is a tank in a cow pasture, then to gaze upon the ocean, well, it kind of puts things into a […]

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A Sacred Bond

My middle son walked in the room and I randomly said “Hello, friend.” (Never do I call the kids was strange that I said it.)  He looked at me with the most serious eyes and said “I don’t ever want to be your friend. Don’t you know it is so much more special […]

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Expect your kids to leave the faith for a season.

Sadly, I think this is the mind-set that pervades Christian parents today. Expect your kids to walk away from God in their young adult years.

Proverbs 22:6 says  Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

“Many parents look at that verse and think […]

We went In Search of the Glory and found it!

Thanks to all those who attended the In Search of the Glory kids and family conference in Granbury, TX.  It was such a blessing to be with families that have a passion to disciple their children in the deep things of God. I would like to share what Becky Fischer had to say about […]

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Focused Distraction

I woke early intending to have some “Bible time” of course I became sidetracked with housework.  Jane my four year old came in sleepily and said “Mom, will you please sit and read the Bible to me?”

I dropped everything and did just that.  Funny,  I woke early because in my mind the children would […]

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It’s all about timing!

Have you ever gotten so excited to do something God tells you, that you neglect to ask Him when He wants it done?  If not, I will let you in on something …God’s timetable is not ours.  KIMI Texas wants to do all things with excellence and  in His timing.  We will be rescheduling […]

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Faith Questions from a Four Year old

Anyone that has spent any amount of time around young children knows, they ask questions, lots and lots of questions. Questions from sun up to sun down! Sometimes the same question over and over and then there is the question that makes you think “God did you just set me up?”
Case in point…I am […]

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The Holy Spirit and Some Chickens

 We are not city dwellers. We are somewhere between the suburbs and rural living. What would you call that? The ruburbs?

Anyway, we are close enough to make a run to Target but far enough out, to have a menagerie of animals and not be a nuisance to others, and in that collection we have […]

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Deliciously …Excited!

A few nights ago I was watching a competition cooking show. Who doesn’t need a little inspiration when it comes to cooking? I know I do. Anyway, the chefs were asked to make a dish that was something special…something close to their heart. Part of the challenge was when they presented their dish to […]

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