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Expect and give the best!

When it comes to my children I always expect the best from them, while keeping in mind a kid’s best isn’t always going to be the fantasy pinterest perfect best that can sometimes hold a mother’s mind captive. The Lord oh, so gently taught me a lesson a few nights ago.

While I expect the best am I always giving my best?

One area that leaves something to be desired in our home is table manners. I mean, I know the kids have them, those manners are in there somewhere,right? Those pesky manners have been taught to the children, over and over again yet, they still go into hiding. Manners, where are you? Come out, come out wherever you are!
Mom, you have been through the drill. You call the kids to dinner, a quick prayer is said and then the forks start flying! And you start barking orders… Pass the plate! Don’t reach across the table. Sit in your seat properly, you are not auditioning for the part of Rumpelstiltskin. Please use a napkin, not your shirt. Chew with your mouth closed, nobody likes see-food. Sound familiar?

I am a busy mom (what mother isn’t?) and will admit 87% of the time dinner gets made by the skin of my teeth but some form of sustenance does get served to the hungry brood. A few nights ago I was in my typical hurry but something prompted me to set the table with our best dishes. It was a simple spaghetti dinner but the effort was made to make it the best. The kids were called to dinner and an unusual thing occurred, the manners came out of hiding! That best that I expect came out of them. I didn’t just give them the bare minimum requirement that had become my habit but pushed myself to go above and the Lord gently reminded me when we give our best that is what we can expect in return.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying set your table with the good china every night. You can be just as excellent with a paper plate. It is the heart behind it that matters. But I do want you to ask yourself this question…

Am I giving my children everything that I expect from them?


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